PADI AmbassaDiver - Mike Coots
Scuba Diving

Mike Coots

Professional Photographer


Mike is a surfer, photographer, and shark attack survivor. He resides in Hawaii, and when not surfing daily with his prosthetic he enjoys photographing sharks around the world and advocating for the preservation of these remarkable creatures.

”I want to share my unique story with others so they are inspired to not only protect sharks but to get in the water with them. Seeing the beauty of these creatures firsthand will forever transform fear to healthy respect.”

A professional photographer and influential force in the surf community, Mike is committed to changing people’s perception about sharks and lobbying for their protection. Mike realized the best way to save sharks was to get face to face with the same species that took his leg and share that story with others. Through the power of storytelling and his photography, Mike hopes to show people that sharks aren’t the mindless killers portrayed in the media.


Kauai, Hawaii
United States

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