Dada Li

Dada Li

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer/Underwater Model


When Dada Li got her first taste of freediving, she had no idea to what extent it would change her life. Today, Dada is not only the first Chinese female PADI Master Freediver Instructor, but she also holds two less traditional titles: underwater model and mermaid. After co-founding a freediving club in Shenzhen, China, Dada soon realized that “mermaids” are highly sought-after for marketing activities. She started an academy and now works with a team of mermaids to share the wonder these mythical sirens inspire.

“Freediving gives me hope and courage,” she says. “It allows me to understand my limits, so that I can face my own fears and respect them.”

As a PADI Freediving Instructor, Dada now shares that hope and courage with others – helping them to explore their own limits and challenge themselves.


Chaozhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng

Career Highlights

  • First Chinese female PADI Master Freediver Instructor
  • Created the first professional underwater performance team composed of freedivers only

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