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Your individual action will help end the plastics crisis once and for all and secure our brightest future.

Demand a Strong Global Plastics Treaty that Tackles the Marine Debris Crisis in the Ocean

PADI is rallying the global community of ocean enthusiasts to support PADI AWARE at the international policy table. Your individual action will help ensure that the strongest policy options are implemented to end plastic pollution once and for all and secure our brightest future.

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What is the plastics treaty?

The Global Plastics Treaty represents a unique and crucial opportunity for a worldwide coordinated initiative to effectively resolve the ongoing plastic pollution crisis at all stages of the life span of plastics. With an estimated 14 million tons of plastics entering the ocean every single year, the necessity of closing the tap on plastic has never been greater.

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Why does it matter to you?

Nations around the world are uniting to develop a legally binding treaty to put an end to plastic pollution, but you can influence its effectiveness and how it will impact human health. Your individual action will help ensure that the strongest policy options are implemented to rid the ocean of marine debris.

How can you help?

PADI AWARE Foundation has taken an active role in the global treaty negotiations. They need your voice at the policy table.

This treaty could include both mandatory and voluntary approaches, addressing the full life cycle of plastic, including many of the common items found in PADI AWARE’s marine debris program. For example, key Dive Against Debris® findings globally have proven that almost 70 percent of all items reported were plastics.

Your support will help ensure that:

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Why do you want Dive Against Debris in a strong plastics treaty?

PADI is well positioned to provide a global solution to the plastics problem through PADI AWARE'S flagship citizen science program Dive Against Debris, the only underwater marine debris clean-up solution that does not damage the marine environment.

Dive Against Debris is a powerful tool to aid a strong plastics treaty. Our work on marine debris has played an integral part in advancing solutions to ocean pollution. Millions of pieces of marine debris have been removed and reported across over 121 countries; almost 100,000 underwater citizen scientists have advanced ground-breaking marine research; and the lives of over 35,000 entangled marine animals have been saved.

Demand a strong plastics treaty and help end the marine debris crisis once and for all