Expelled Dive Centers and Resorts

Expelled Dive Centers and Resorts

The following list identifies former PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that have been expelled from the PADI organization within the last few years. These dive operations are no longer members of the PADI Retail and Resort Association, can’t conduct PADI courses nor represent themselves as PADI Members.

Note that expulsion is a last resort. The PADI Quality Management Program follows an extensive process that includes fact checking, getting all perspectives about the issue including the member’s and, when necessary, offering corrective retraining and cooperative compliance. Expulsion results when the PADI Member refuses to implement corrective measures, or when the nature of the complaint is so severe that expulsion is necessary to protect the public or to preserve the reputation of the PADI organization.

If you have any questions about an individual listed, please contact the Quality Management Department at a PADI Regional Headquarters.

List of Expelled Members

Name Member No. City Country/Region Date
Amedee Diving Club S-4549 Noumea New Caledonia 30-Nov-2017
Amigos Del Mar S-11759 San Pedro Belize 17-Jul-2014
Aquanauts Dive Center S-6246 Pattaya Thailand 14-Mar-2013
Aquarius Scuba S-4430 Toronto ON, Canada 29-Jul-2021
Aquasub Phuket S-26381 Phuket Thailand 16-Apr-2020
Archana Sardana Scuba Diving Academy S-23675 New Delhi India 19-Sep-2019
Askin Diving Bodrum S-16984 Bodrum Turkey 5-Feb-2014
Atlantis S-5976 Miyagi Japan 31-Oct-2019
Blue Explorers S-9820 Puerto de Mogan Canary Islands 24-Oct-2013
Blue Whale Dive Center Phuket S-24340 Phuket Thailand 7-Oct-2021
Bottoms Up Scuba Indy S-26004 Indianapolis IN, USA 6-Dec-2018
Cota Azul  S-28449 Valparaiso Chile 7-Jun-2022
Dive Dream Diving Centre S-35283 Trou-aux-Biches Mauritius 29-Nov-2017
Dive Sites Lanka S-36070 Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka 14-Feb-2013
Divers Down under S-32099 Dahab Egypt 8-May-2014
Dive The World S-6615 Phuket Thailand 18-Jul-2013
Diving Osaka S-33067 Osaka Japan 18-Mar-2014
Diving Palace S-25983 Banqiao District Taiwan, China 14-Oct-2020
Diving PCB-Panama City Beach S-24836 Panama City Beach FL, USA 8-Sep-2016
Diving School Tea-Da S-33027 Okinawa Japan 02-Feb-2023
Dykker-Butikken.dk S-23266 Abyhoj Denmark 14-Feb-2013
Ecole de Plongee Sous-Marine Carlos Lopez S-25249 Trois-Rivieres QC, Canada 3-Nov-2022
EZ Scuba Diving, Inc. S-17947 Tampa FL, USA 6-Jul-2017
Fins Scuba & Water Sports S-25448 Bend OR, USA 7-Nov-2018
Green Island 9 Dive Center S-27806 Taitung Taiwan, China 1-Oct-2020
Infinity Ocean Divers S-23843 Phuket Thailand 17-August-2017
JJ Divers S-26906 St. Thomas US Virgin Islands 8-Jun-2023
Kardamili - Papanestoras Diving S-21446 Kardamili Greece 12-Dec-2019
Kashiwajima Diving Service Paradi S-7460 Kochi Japan 7-Oct-2021
Kor-al Watersports & Diving S-23051 Antalya Turkey 24-Oct-2013
Lidaodive Co. Ltd S-25358 Gongliao Dist. Taiwan, China 29-Jul-2021
Lodge Scuba Academy S-32349 London England 25-Jun-2015
Maitencillodive S-26760 Puchuncavi Chile 13-Apr-2023
Massysub S-799077 Pisa Italy 16-Jan-2014
Midwest Scuba Center, Inc. S-433 Avon IN, USA 12-Nov-2016
Ohana S-8977 Wakayama Japan 17-Feb-2014
Otro Mundo Montanita S-21341 Montanita Ecuador 25-Jun-2015
Pension 101 Diving Service S-5757 Tokyo Japan 24-May-2019
Safari Lodge Divers S-22128 Raki Raki Fiji 27-Apr-2017
Santana Diving Phuket S-16877 Phuket Thailand 13-Oct-2017
Scuba Academy S-26643 Koh Chang Thailand 22-Aug-2019
Surf Side S-7485 Shizuoka Japan 2-Oct-2015
Tick JK S-7534 Osaka Japan 17-Feb-2014
Time To Dive Hasselt S-9989 Hasselt Belgium 21-Oct-2014
Time To Dive Leuven S-21454 Leuven Belgium 21-Oct-2014
Triton Diving Center S-25278 Ialyssos Greece 19-Aug-2020