September 17-25, 2022.

Dive Into Ocean Action

Dive into action during PADI’s 5th Annual AWARE Week. Create positive ocean change through fins-on, fins-off conservation actions, courses and event participation. Our 7-day global dive event advances the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, charting a decade of ocean conservation action in alignment with the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Adopt The Blue™

What is Adopt the Blue™? The world’s largest network of underwater sites for conservation action. This critical network will serve as a driving force for establishing new marine protected areas (MPAs) around the globe, with the goal to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. PADI AWARE’s Marine Protected Areas Program is made possible by Founding partner Blancpain.


Turn the Tide on Ocean Change

The power of PADI AWARE lies in you, passionate scuba divers, freedivers and mermaids with firsthand knowledge of the ocean and the desire to protect it. Here's how you can create a ripple effect of positive ocean change this AWARE Week and beyond:

Padi Aware Shark Hat on the Beach at Sunset
Donate to AWARE: Protect Sharks and Rays

This AWARE Week, consider a donation to help us reach our $30,000 fundraising goal to protect critical ray and shark habitats with our newly launched Adopt the Blue program.

Our goal is to reduce the number of sharks and rays threatened with extinction by
25% x 2030. To date, we have helped protect 54 shark and ray species.

Donate $50 or more September 1-30, 2022 and get a limited edition cap.

Over 80% of PADI AWARE Foundation's work is funded by generous donors like you. Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you.

New App
Don’t Let Your Dives Go to Waste

Already a Dive Against Debris (DAD) Diver? Make #everydiveasurveydive by logging your dives. The new PADI AWARE App makes it easier than ever to submit Dive Against Debris® surveys and log your conservation dives.

Your citizen scientist data is instrumental in protecting our oceans and its denizens–make every dive count.

Make Every Dive Count With the NEW Dive Against Debris® eLearning Course

Become an underwater citizen scientist and keep your favorite dive site debris free.
Divers are uniquely positioned to report, remove and use our collective voice to stop marine debris at its source.

Your Dive Against Debris data is documented in the largest global underwater database in the world, helping coastal communities identify local conservation issues while contributing to ocean policy change for marine habitat recovery.

Our goal is to reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries by 2030. Will you join us?

Special thanks to Seiko, PADI AWARE Foundation's Marine Debris Program Title Sponsor.


The blue planet is our place to reconnect, decompress and explore an amazing world beneath the waves. PADI is a passionate community of underwater enthusiasts motivated to protect what is worth saving.

When you become a PADI diver, you join the largest community in the world for ocean change. You become an underwater explorer, an ocean steward, an ocean ambassador, and a voice for wildlife rolled into one.

Share Your Story

The collective actions of the PADI AWARE community - big or small - inspire people worldwide to save the ocean. We are ocean optimists. We are ocean change.

Tag @padi and @padiaware in your social media posts and use the following hashtags for a chance to be featured in PADI’s social channels:

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Click on the PADI Torchbearers below to hear their stories.


Local AWARE Week Events

PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals are hosting events all over the world. Join them!