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Adopt The Blue FAQs

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Adopt The Blue Frequently Asked Questions

The world’s largest network of underwater sites for conservation action. Let's dive deeper into how you can get involved, and what you need to know to be successful in Adopting The Blue

What is the main goal of Adopt the Blue?

The program’s main goal is to accelerate the pathway to MPA status at sites that are relevant for protection and conservation. There are many other goals in the program, but we aim to achieve the final goal of having 30% of the ocean's coastal areas protected as MPAs by 2030.

How do I Adopt The Blue?

The application form takes 3-5 minutes and can be found on the PADI AWARE app or online. Only PADI Instructors and Dive Centers can Adopt the Blue. In the future, we will provide actions for the broader community of ocean enthusiasts. 

Can I Adopt a site that has already been adopted by other PADI Members?

Yes you can. Just enter a slightly different set of coordinates on the map and you will be able to adopt that site.

How many sites can I adopt?

There is no actual limit for the number of sites you can adopt, but keep in mind that when you adopt a site you commit to participating in a range of conservation campaigns and actions at your site when asked.

Can I adopt an area that is not necessarily a dive site?

Yes, you can. Any body of water that is relevant to you can be adopted, including mangroves, your favorite beach, etc. They don’t even need to be in the ocean. Freshwater sites can also be adopted.

What are some examples of sites I can adopt?

Don't know where to start?? Some ideal dive sites to adopt, are ones that increase the value of your business. Consider dive sites you visit every day, every month, etc! Also consider your local dive training sites, as well as dive sites frequented by your community or from local recreational dive activities.

Once I Adopt The Blue, what are my obligations to PADI AWARE?

Different from the late Adopt a Dive Site Program, when you adopt the blue you create no obligations with PADI AWARE, but you commit to participating in campaigns and actions, conducting Dive Against Debris Surveys and participating in other citizen science programs at your site.

I already participate on Adopt a Dive Site program. Do I need to adopt the same site again?

Yes, you need to re-adopt the site for the Adopt the Blue program. Adopt the Blue is an evolution, and expansion of the Adopt a Dive Site program. Adopt The Blue offers more integration opportunities for conservation and makes it easy to include AWARE Actions at your adopted dive sites once they are adopted. 

What is the business value of Adopting the Blue?

Adopt the Blue allows you to take the culture of “Protect what you love”, and helps you bring that mindset into a tangible value for your business. Consider the opportunity of having entry-level divers understand the importance of protecting your local dive sites! Include mentions of this program in your dive briefings, and market your Adopt The Blue sites on relevant social media channels. 

What are the benefits of Adopting the Blue?

When you Adopt The Blue, you will:
•    Be displayed on the PADI AWARE conservation map with the ability for consumers to contact you
•    Substantially increase your opportunity to receive PADI AWARE community grants
•    Inventory your site with PADI AWARE for future conservation projects and actions with related PAD marketing support
•    Help drive Marine Protected Areas, supporting the global commitment to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030
•    Receive a program badge in your My Ocean profile

I am not a PADI Member/Professional. Can I still Adopt the Blue?

Not at this time. Adopt the Blue is a program designed for PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Individual Members. However, you can still contribute and make a difference by donating to PADI AWARE today.

How can I participate, even if I am not a PADI Member?

There are numerous ways you can participate and make a difference in our oceans. You can join any Dive Against Debris events and surveys happening in your area, and you can encourage your local dive shop to conduct Dive Against Debris events as well. You can also participate in other PADI AWARE campaigns and actions by signing relevant petitions, contributing to other PADI AWARE citizen science programs, and donating to PADI AWARE.

How can NGO's and partners work with the network?

We see Adopt The Blue as a vital delivery mechanism to serve the broader ocean conservation movement - creating scale and the necessary infrastructure to drive local conservation efforts.  If you would like to ask for support of a project or campaign you can contact our staff at [email protected]. In the future, we will have inquiry forms available for partners.

Who funds the Adopt the Blue Program?

PADI AWARE Foundation, a public charity, manages the program on a day to day basis through donations and our partnership support from PADI. Our key sponsor, Blancpain, has generously provided multi-year funding to build and grow this program for the next 5 years. 

Ready to Join the Adopt The Blue Network?

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Our Founding Partner


Blancpain: Official Partner of the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action and Founding Partner of the PADI MPA Program and ADOPT THE BLUE™

PADI is proud to join forces with Blancpain to fundamentally increase the number of marine protected areas (MPAs) around the globe over the coming decade.

Together, Blancpain and PADI will work with local communities across the globe to expedite the establishment of MPAs. At the heart of the multi-year partnership is the flagship citizen science program, Adopt the Blue™ in which 6,600 registered PADI dive centers and resorts will be activated to develop the largest network of marine protected areas on the planet, enabling millions of PADI recreational divers to proactively engage in marine conservation at every opportunity.