Tyrell crosby

Tyrell Crosby

"Through the lens of both scuba diving and the pursuit of personal challenges, I strive to inspire others to embark on self-reflective journeys and uncover effective paths to mental resilience."


Tyrell Crosby knows the magical impact of scuba diving. A retired NFL Offensive Linemen for the Detroit Lions, his professional career was cut short from a severe spinal injury. After recovering from surgery, he sought out an alternative to football to help fill his desire for physical challenge and mental clarity. That's when he discovered a PADI class which kicked off his journey towards regrowing himself and discovering a new passion. Tyrell’s trademark smile, unbeatable optimism and steadfast support for others experiencing life challenges inspires.


Henderson, Nevada
United States

Career Highlights

  • 2018 NFL Draft Pick
  • Morris Trophy Winner
  • NCAA All-American

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