PADI AmbassaDiver - Manuel Bustelo
Scuba Diving

Manuel Bustelo

PADI Open Water Instructor


A passionate adventurer & entrepreneur committed to sustainable living, Manuel Bustelo has witnessed sunsets at 7000 metres and scuba dived all major coral systems in the world. An avid skier, mountain biker and diver, it is through these three passions that Bustelo understands the importance of preserving Earth’s fragile biodiversity.

Bustelo believes that in today’s world, where social media allows us to see farther than our eyes can see, the journey becomes more important than the arrival. Through adventures and expeditions, sharing our world wonders allows us to discover, visit, care and preserve the beautiful world in which we live.

As a PADI Open Water Instructor, Project Aware aficionado and Aqualung Ambassador, Bustelo explores the world under the sea for one purpose: to discover an environment so full of life, yet so fragile and endangered. As he says: “With knowing comes caring, with caring comes change.”



Career Highlights

  • Logged more than 1000 dives in the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, and Pacific Ocean (Great Barrier Reef and Central America)
  • First man to ride downhill on a mountain bike from 6800 metres in the Atacama Desert
  • Entrepreneur with MBA from Solvay Business School, Belgium
  • Promoter of sustainable business best practices and electric vehicles

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