Cha Ocampo as she surfaces from her free dive

Cha Ocampo

​​Wildlife Conservationist and Creator


PADI Dive Master, AmbassaDiver™, freediver, business owner, Filipina digital creator, photographer and ocean advocate are a few of the hats Cha Ocampo wears in her daily round. Growing up in the Philippines exposed Cha to the sea from early childhood, but it wasn’t until she was in her 20’s that she discovered a deeper passion for the ocean. In 2019, she became a certified freediver and started promoting marine conservation for the younger generation on social media. Her business brand “Le Milieu” focuses on wildlife conservation. When Cha isn’t teaching freediving at Seazoned Philippines, she shares her knowledge about diving to inspire more people to explore and properly care for our marine life.


Manila, Metro Manila
"As I continue to learn from the ocean, my purpose is to give back to it by telling its story to the people who want to explore it."

Career Highlights

  • Became a PADI Dive Master at the age of 26
  • Becoming a PADI AmbassaDiver™
  • Guest Speaker for PHIDEX (Philippine International Dive Expo) 2022 together with award winning Underwater Photographers, Freedivers and Scuba Divers worldwide
  • Worked on national and global short films with brands/companies, Jewelmer: A Golden Reflection and PADI Women: The Next Generation
  • Conducting classes for Basics in Freediving with our freedive school Seazoned PH
  • Garmin Philippines Ambassador

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