Scuba Gear


There are 4 different wetsuit styles: One Piece, Two Piece, Shortie (short sleeves and legs) and Semi Dry. Wetsuits provide insulation and help protect from cuts, scrapes and stings.
  • Exposure Gear

Body Suits

Designed for very warm water diving or as an extra layer under another exposure suit. They also provide good sunburn protection.
  • Exposure Gear

Dry Suits

Designed for cooler waters, dry suits create a seal around your wrists and neck to keep the water out and keep you dry.
  • Exposure Gear

Dive Light

Bright, brighter, brightest. Day or night, a dive light helps when peeking around coral or viewing inside a wreck.
  • Accessories

Dive Knife

A good dive knife is the best tool a diver can have. From stainless steel to titanium, a good sharp or serrated edge can help in any entanglement.
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Underwater Photography and Video Equipment

From simple point-and-shoot cameras to more high-end equipment that shoots high-definition images, you’ll find a system that meets your video and photography needs.
  • Specialty Gear

Dive Watches

A good sports dive watch comes in a variety of styles, is water resistant and has a depth rating of at least 100 metres (330 feet).
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Scuba Diving Accessories

Add your own unique touch to your scuba diving equipment with a versatile, functional or even colorful scuba accessories.
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Dive Flag and Float

Single to boats that there are divers down below with a locally recognized red flag with a white diagonal stripe or the blue-and-white pennant tail.
  • Safety Gear