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Becoming a PADI Diver can transform your life. Start your dive adventure with your local PADI Five Star Dive Center. You’ll join the largest global diver community bound together by both a desire for exploration and love of our ocean planet.

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Learning to dive is only the beginning of your adventure, which is why your PADI Five Star Dive Center team is committed to teaching you to become a competent and confident diver. Using the PADI System of diver education – the world’s most instructionally solid system in diving – you’ll have fun while mastering important safety concepts and skills to prepare you for your future diving endeavors.


Your PADI course falls under strict educational standards monitored for worldwide consistency and quality. PADI proactively surveys divers to confirm training meets our high standards. And, PADI employs Instructor Examiners to evaluate all instructors prior to granting a teaching credential. No other diver training organization works to maintain this level of professional reliability and integrity.


It’s no surprise that seven out of 10 divers are PADI certified. When you dive in with PADI, you join a community of divers with a shared passion for adventure and love for the ocean. And with a global network of more than 6600 dive centers and resorts and 137,000 dive professionals worldwide, anywhere there’s water, there’s PADI – the way the world learns to dive®.

Meet: Kara and Nate

For husband and wife team, Kara and Nate, scuba diving helps fuel their obsession to visit 100 countries in only four years. Leaving home in January 2016 with only two carry-on bags, the couple has dived into exotic destinations including Belize, Thailand, Barbados, South Africa and more. Without a doubt, scuba diving has enriched this popular YouTuber couple’s lives!

Catch up with Kara and Nate as they visit the 83rd country on their list and explore the Dominican Republic both above and below the surface.