Maelly Faure scuba diving along the coral reef

Maelly Fure

Citizen of the Sea and Mental Health Advocate


Sometimes taking the road less travelled leads to the greatest discoveries in life, as 25-year-old Maelly “Miley” Fure discovered. An island girl at heart and a true citizen of the sea, she was raised in Corsica and Reunion island, and now lives and works as a Scuba Instructor and professional underwater videographer in Koh Tao, Thailand. Diving runs in the family–Maelly’s mother was a recreational diver. Wise beyond her 25-years, Maelly says, “I believe that deciding on leaving France and pursuing my dream of becoming a diver was the best decision of my life. I can safely say that diving changed and saved my life on so many levels.”


Corsica and Reunion Island,
"I want to promote acceptance, diversity and confidence."

Career Highlights

  • 2018 : Open Water Diver to Dive Master (0 to hero)
  • 2019 : Underwater videography course + instructor course
  • 2023 : Started working with Oceans Below creating content for scuba diving related and other projects.

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