Johnie Gall swimming in between seaweed

Johnie Gall

Outdoor Adventurer and Documentarian


Johnie Gall is a recreational scuba diver, freediver, and surfer who uses her love of writing and photography to document conservation efforts through the lens of outdoor adventure. Her projects have taken her from Alaska to Moorea to the Southern Alps. Her work has been published by Nat Geo Adventure, the Los Angeles Times and more. She believes art and narrative have the power to inspire change, using them to amplify the work of scientists and environmental stewards around the world. After years believing she couldn’t dive because of ear issues, she achieved her dream of becoming a certified diver and has since fallen in love with exploring the wonder of the ocean, always with her camera in hand.


Ojai, California
United States
"To inspire more people to dive so they can experience the beauty of the ocean and become advocates for its protection."

Career Highlights

  • Publishing photos in Nat Geo Adventure and LA Times
  • Documenting marine scientists in Tofino and Moorea
  • Becoming a PADI AmbassaDiver™

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