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Cassiopea Carrier Doneys

PADI Divemaster | PADI Freediver


“Everything I do I do in the hope of changing the way we perceive nature, and to develop new strategies to interact with our environment that is not harmful to our ecosystems and biodiversity,” says Cassiopea Doneys, who graduated with a BA in Public Affairs and International Relations, and earned a double MA in International Ecology and Environmental Management. A PADI Divemaster, freediver, LEED Green Associate and yoga instructor, Doneys used that impressive educational background to put a focus on protecting the marine environment, and has already co-published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals Marine Biology Research and Marine Ecology.

Doneys has traveled the world and speaks three languages fluently, and is currently the Director at Takata Research Center – an NGO specialized in marine ecology, sustainable coastal management, and public awareness that is working to restore the biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea at a time where urgent action is needed. “For the past three years I have been actively involved in ocean conservation through community awareness, research and conservation, and environmental management,” says the co-founder of Takata Experience, where she leads eight different programs, all related to ocean and coastal ecosystems conservation.


Mahahual, Quintana Roo

Career Highlights

  • Currently the Director at Takata Research Center and co-founder of Takata Experience
  • PADI Divemaster, freediver, and yoga instructor
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Co-published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals: Marine Biology Research and Marine Ecology

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