PADI AmbassaDiversTM are committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet. They are passionate divers or dive educators driven to make the world better by introducing more souls to the magic of the aquatic realm.  Each AmbassaDiver carries the emblematic torch, lighting the way for more people to pursue their passion, discover their purpose or follow their dreams to explore, protect and experience the underwater world.


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Zac Araneta
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Alexandra Baackes
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Manuel Bustelo
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Justin Carmack
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Carlos Coste
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Rob Currer
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Gerardo del Villar
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Cristian Dimitrius
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Fins to Spurs (Adam Maire + Christine West)
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Jack Fishman
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Rocio Gajon
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Szilvia Gogh
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Afelandra Gonzalez
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Steve + Riley Hathaway
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Jennifer Idol
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Gary Green
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Thomas Koch
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Michel Labrecque
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Akim Ladhari
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Clement Lee
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Alejandro Lemus
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Dada Li
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Rachan Malaiwongs
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Chris Middleton
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Andre Miller
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Leo Morales
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Jillian Morris
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Birgitta Mueck
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Edgardo Ochoa
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Roberto Ochoa
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PangeaSeed Foundation
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Liz Parkinson
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Margo Peyton
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Andy Phillips
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Mark Pinnell
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Blue Latitudes (Emily Callahan + Amber Jackson)
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Team Sedna
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Forrest Simon
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Gemma Smith
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Adam Stern
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Chris Stevens
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Mandy Sumner
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Cody Unser
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Ernst van der Poll
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Cristina Zenato
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