Chris Foisey

Chris Foisey

Professional Scuba Instructor


Chris Foisey is a professional Scuba Instructor in Ontario, Canada. Chris is a certified Cave Diver and Technical Decompression Diver with over 10 years of experience in educating divers and maintaining and selling scuba equipment. His adventures have taken him all over the world, including deep cold-water lakes to see 200-year-old shipwrecks in Canada, to the warm tropical waters of Egypt and descending into the dark depths of underwater caves in Florida. Chris’s adventures have also taken him to Mexico, Micronesia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, The Bahamas and multiple locations throughout the United States of America. Chis works exclusively for Dan’s Dive Shop – Canada's Oldest PADI Facility and in 2020 he created the Modern Diver Channel where he is active on social media to share his love of diving, highlight new tips, equipment and help today's Modern Divers to enter the world of Scuba.


St. Catherines, Ontario
"Dedicated to Educating Modern Scuba Divers"

Career Highlights

  • 2020 – Created Modern Diver Channel – Now has over 170,000 total social media followers.
  • Brand Ambassador for Stream2Sea

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