PADI AWARE Community Grant Program

The Foundation is committed to the development of community-led efforts to sustainably manage the world's marine ecosystems.




PADI AWARE Community Grants are open to fund projects that align with PADI’s Blueprint for Ocean Action or support ongoing PADI AWARE conservation campaigns.  Grantees will be selected throughout the year based on conservation need, community feedback and budget. In 2021, we will invest approximately 12.5% of the Foundation's revenue from public funding.

2021 Grant Cycle

Project Grant: Marine Debris

2021 Grants: Funding is currently focused on marine debris activities in relationship to reporting and monitoring of ocean debris found in Malaysia. 

Application: By invitation only. Applicants already identified for 2021 grant cycle and will receive a Request for Proposal from the Foundation in Q3 of 2021. 

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Community Grant Program

2021 Grants: Funding for community projects that align with PADI’s Blueprint for Ocean Action particularly for coral reef restoration, climate resiliency and Marine Protected Areas.

Application: Launching in Sept 2021. All potential applicants will be required to complete an initial Eligibility Quiz that will be made publicly available. Stay tuned.

Project Grant: Sharks & Rays

2021 Grants: Funding is currently focused on specific Mako Shark campaigns in South Africa and Brazil to advance in-country support for shark protection. 

Application: By invitation only. Funding disbursement completed for first grant cycle. Applications for future mako shark campaigns will open in Q3 2021. Stay tuned. 

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