Women's Dive Day 2018

Strengthening and supporting
the female dive community.

Get to know our PADI AmbassaDivers™

These passionate individuals are committed to changing the world through their role as a PADI Diver or Professional. They elevate diving in their communities and across the planet, inspiring more people to pursue their passions or follow their dreams to explore, protect and experience the underwater world.

Steve and Riley Hathaway

Riley goes on fun adventures with her dad and has many incredible stories of encounters with sea creatures including orcas, whales and turtles. Together they aim to get kids around the world over enthused about the beauty and diversity of Earth’s marine life.

Jillian Morris

With a combined a background in science and media, Jillian educates students around the world about sharks. She is a marine biologist who has filmed and photographed for The Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic, and more; and has worked as a researcher and naturalist in Australia, California, the Bahamas, Florida and the Dutch Caribbean.

Ernst Van Der Poll

Ernst runs his own PADI Dive Center and swimming academy in the town of Las Catalinas, where he teaches ocean stewardship programs, swimming lessons and junior lifeguard programs, along with adaptive diving for people with life-changing injuries. “It is my mission that through passion and education I can ignite the fire in others that will bring about change,” Ernst says.

Leo's story: Living dive-abled.

After losing his leg to cancer in 2008, Leo battled with depression and struggled to find meaning in his life. When a friend introduced him to scuba diving, it reawakened Leo's spirit and gave him reason to live again. Leo challenged himself to develop scuba skills and, with the help of the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA), Leo worked his way up to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2013, just three years after his first dive. Leo is committed to sharing his story in the hopes that others can be inspired to see what is possible and to live a "dive-abled" life.

My PADI is how I discovered my new self!

Leo Morales, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

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