Love, the Ocean

While most of us around the world are taking an extended break from diving, we find ourselves missing the ocean we love. But during this time of pause, we are seeing positive impacts on the natural world as daily habits that stress the environment are on hold.

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Learn to dive

Learn to dive.

Interact with other individuals from around the world who are interested in learning to dive.

Divers around the world

Divers Around the World.

Meet other divers around the globe and share your dive knowledge.

Dive Travel

Dive Travel

Are you planning a dive trip and have some questions? Get tips and input from divers all around the world.

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Learn to dive from home

Check out why and how you should learn to scuba dive from home during lockdown, according to Fiona Tapp of Forbes: “The spread of Covid-19 has most of the world on lock down with travel plans canceled and vacation plans abandoned… but you can take some practical steps to improve your scuba skills at home. Yes, really! Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to fill up your bathtub and snorkel for your rubber ducky."

Zoom Tanks

Bring diving to your next video call

Divers around the globe are looking for new ways to stay connected to the underwater world. From ocean documentaries, to discovering your scuba nickname, there’s tons of ways to cope when you can’t go diving.

Now you can even dive into your next Zoom video conference or digital happy hour with a unique underwater background.

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