Green Fins

Reducir la huella ambiental global de la industria del buceo, asegurando la sostenibilidad de la industria del buceo.

¿Qué es Green Fins?

Green Fins es una iniciativa de Reef-World Foundation que protege y conserva los arrecifes de coral a través de pautas ambientales que promueven una industria sostenible del buceo y el esnórquel.

En asociación con el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente, Reef-World impulsa comportamientos sostenibles para la protección ambiental al proporcionar soluciones prácticas y de bajo costo a los desafíos ambientales locales y de toda la industria asociados con el turismo marino. Ofrece educación y asistencia para el desarrollo de capacidades para empoderar a los/as defensores/as del medio ambiente para que implementen enfoques probados de gestión de recursos costeros.

Desde el 2018, PADI® ha trabajado en asociación con The Reef World Foundation para realizar el potencial de nuestra comunidad como un ejemplo de cómo una industria global puede apoyar con éxito a las personas, el planeta y las ganancias.

Nuestra visión compartida es hacer del buceo y el esnórquel sostenibles la norma social, mejorando así la salud de los arrecifes de coral en todo el océano.


86 Countries

211 Dive Centers

251 Dive Instructors

With PADI's support, Reef-World recently conducted a survey about sustainability in a recovering travel world.

Over 2,400 responses were received from divers, freedivers and snorkelers in over 115 countries. Survey participants offered a broad range of perspectives spanning freedivers and one-time DSD divers through to dive professionals and business owners with over 10 years experience in our industry. Here's what we learnt: 



Nuestra Estrategia

Reducir la huella ambiental global de la industria del buceo, asegurando la sostenibilidad de la industria del buceo.

Acciones clave (1) Motivar a operadores PADI a adoptar el código de conducta de Green Fins (2) Elevar las normas de comportamiento en toda la industria para que los estándares ambientales sean tan importantes y respetados como los estándares de seguridad.


100% AWARE
Local Action
100% AWARE Certification Donations

PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals opting in to tax-deductible donations to AWARE with every certification. 

Shark fish
Global Impact
Achieve Blueprint for Ocean Action

Successful realization of all five conservation goals set out in the PADI AWARE Blueprint for Ocean Action by 2030. 

Eleva tus Estándares

Tu ejemplo influirá en quienes te rodean, allanando el camino para un futuro en el que la humanidad viva en equilibrio con el océano.



Are you a PADI Dive Center, Resort or Liveaboard? Become a Green Fins Member today.

How Does 100% AWARE Work?

Partners agree to donate on behalf of each student, on a per certification basis, as an individual instructor or dive center. Donations are made on a monthly basis, recommended amounts are based on annual certification numbers. 

When you commit, you’ll be given the option to donate online, automatically recurring each month according to your process tier selected.

When processing through PIC Online, you will be able to select which edition of the AWARE card image you would like, otherwise if you select the standard PADI card the system will default to the latest AWARE card design.

Donations made through the partnership are tax-deductible in support of the PADI AWARE Foundation, ensuring every new certification supports conservation. As an 100% AWARE partner, you are consistently advancing the Blueprint for Ocean Action, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. 

What can you expect when you become an 100% AWARE Partner?
  • 100% AWARE Exclusive PADI Certification C-Cards. 
  • Integration into new PADI Tools, such as the Conservation Activity Locator.
  • Listed as a 100% AWARE Partner on PADI's dive center locator.
  • Premier access to exclusive PADI AWARE Updates and News. 
  • Simpler, more streamlined donation process.
  • More Updates To Come Soon!
Can I commit to be an 100% AWARE partner if I am not a PADI Dive Center or Resort?

No. 100% AWARE is an exclusive partner giving program available to PADI Professionals, PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, designed to contribute to PADI's Blueprint for Ocean Action goals. 

Can I select which version of the PADI AWARE Foundation certification card I would like?

Yes! When processing through PIC online, you can select which edition of the AWARE card you would like. 

A new card design is launched annually featuring imagery from prominent marine photographers. 

What percentage of c-cards are recycled content?

All physical PADI certification cards are currently made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. We are working together to get this figure as close to 100% as possible. Physical cards are still essential in remote areas without internet access but we provide and promote e-cards whenever possible. You can see the full PADI AWARE supply chain policy here.

Can I still donate to PADI AWARE if I am not a PADI Dive Center, Resort or Professional?

Yes! Thank you. Please donate to make a single or monthly recurring donation here. We appreciate your support! 

How is funding allocated?

For transparency about how contributions are spent, review our Conservation Strategy which contains our Annual Impact Reports


Frequently Asked Questions

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