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A unique voice for the ocean planet.

PADI AWARE Foundation is a publicly funded non-profit with three registered charities across the globe.

For over 30 years, PADI and AWARE have worked together to address critical issues impacting ocean health. Our global presence and policy experience is a proven formula for finding solutions for building a more resilient ocean.

Our mission is to drive local action for global ocean conservation. We advance our mission through citizen science, public policy and community grants.


We provide brands, corporations and small businesses a philanthropic opportunity to create meaningful and recognized impact amplifying their stake in protecting the ocean and creating more resilient local economies around the globe. PADI AWARE Foundation collaborative partners have access to a wealth of unique opportunities and benefits, enabling your organization to:

Create Ocean Change
PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action Programmatic Sponsorship

As a sponsor of one of the key areas PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action Program, you can accelerate the conservation targets that support the global agenda to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.

Sponsor Opportunity

You can Help Protect Sharks and Rays from Extinction

To combat this ocean emergency, PADI AWARE is proud to introduce the Global Shark & Ray Census, a global citizen science program that aims to monitor shark and ray populations and to ensure they are protected from extinction. Both divers and non-divers will be able to collect sightings data on the species they encounter, or take part in monitoring sites to track population trends. The data will undergo rigorous scientific analysis and will be used to ensure vulnerable species of sharks and rays have adequate protection to ensure healthy populations.


Divers looking at an underwater sculpture.
Coral Program
Title Sponsor Opportunity

The PADI AWARE Coral Program Partner will help advance of our goal to restore 5% of coral reef habitats. The partnership will provide critical funds to develop and deploy an evergreen program that includes a PADI Coral Reef Conservation Course and an underwater citizen science platform. These components will train divers around the world to unify and standardize how we are protecting and accelerating coral reef recovery at a global scale.

Two divers surveying the ocean bed.
Climate Change
Title Sponsor Opportunity

The PADI AWARE Climate Change Partner will help advance of our goal to mitigate the impact of climate change through hands-on blue carbon restoration efforts with PADI Operators around the globe. The partnership will provide critical funds to develop and deploy an evergreen program that includes a PADI Dive Against Climate Change Course and an underwater citizen science platform. These components will train divers around the world to unify and standardize how to engage in restoration efforts for sea grass, kelp, and mangroves.

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The Community Grant Program is a cornerstone initiative to accelerate participation, education, and advocacy for ocean protection. The communities we support are already doing vital work to restore ocean health, and our support helps them do more, faster.

So far, PADI AWARE Foundation has provided critical resources to over 50 community projects across 17 countries - from coral reef restoration to climate change mitigation - and has made a commitment to provide over $5 million in funding by 2025. 

Additional Ways to Support
PADI AWARE Foundation

Our Partners

Fish swimming and a Blancpain logo on the bottom right

With our founding partner of the Blueprint for Ocean Action, Swiss prestige watchmaker, Blancpain, we aim to fundamentally increase the number of marine protected areas (MPAs) around the globe over the coming decade.

At the heart of the partnership is the flagship citizen science program, Adopt the Blue™, the largest network of marine protected areas on the planet that will enable millions of PADI recreational divers to proactively engage in marine conservation with over 6,000 PADI operators  around the globe.

Official partnerships are exclusive to brands who are vetted by PADI AWARE Foundation’s legal and environmental due diligence review with partnership terms captured in a donation agreement.

Out of respect for our current partners and to maintain the integrity of our partnership alignment standards, use of the PADI AWARE Foundation name or marks to reference partnership, a portion of proceeds donation, collaborative product or any commercial program is prohibited without explicit approval.