Marine Debris




到2025年,估计将有超过2.5亿吨塑料进入我们的海洋。仅由塑料碎片造成的环境损害估计每年就达130亿美元。 潜水员通常是第一个亲眼目睹人类对海洋环境的影响的人,并且处于独特的位置,可以帮助上报,清除和倡导在其源头阻止海洋垃圾。

a turtle swimming in ocean

Protecting What Matters

Since the program launched in 2011, divers have aided over 35,000 entangled marine animals and reported more than 2.4 million pieces of marine debris to inform groundbreaking research that is helping to create healthier oceans.

PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation

Mobilizing the world’s largest dive community to create ocean change

Help Rid the Ocean of Marine Debris

Anybody can be part of the solution above and below the surface. Join the global community of more than 29 million divers and Ocean Torchbearers who are taking action to protect the underwater world.


通过我们的旗舰计划 Dive Against Debris®, 我们可以容纳和调动全球最大的水下公民科学数据库以及海洋垃圾运动。

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Dive Against Debris Map

Conservation Heroes

Learn more about the global community of PADI divers who have been fighting marine pollution for more than a decade.