Green Fins


什么是 Green Fins?

Green Fins 是 Reef-World Foundation 的一项举措,通过促进可持续潜水和浮潜行业的环境准则来保护和维护珊瑚礁。

通过与联合国环境规划署合作,Reef-World 通过提供低成本的和实用的解决方案来应对与海洋旅游相关的本地和全行业面临的环境挑战,从而推动环境保护的可持续行为。 它提供教育和能力培养方面的援助,以使环境保护者有能力实施行之有效的沿海资源管理方法。

自2018年以来,PADI® 与珊瑚礁世界基金会(Reef World Foundation)合作,实现我们社区的潜力,以此作为全球行业如何成功支持人类,地球和行业利润的典范。




16 Years of Protection

600+ Dive Centers

20% Average Sustainability Improvement



关键行动(1)鼓励 PADI 潜店遵循 Green Fins 行为准则(2)提升整个行业的行为规范,使环境标准与安全标准同等重要并受到尊重


Local Action
Green Fins Standards

PADI’s dive centers, resorts and professionals adopting and educating divers on Green Fins standards

Global Impact
Sustainable Marine Tourism

A global dive industry that takes environmental standards as seriously as safety standards.



What does it mean for a dive operator to be Green Fins certified?

Green Fins members are dive or snorkel operators who agree to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct, are based in an active Green Fins location and have signed the membership form. Members receive annual assessments, training and feedback to help them improve their environmental sustainability.

Which countries offer Green Fins membership and how do I become a member?

An active Green Fins country is a destination whose Government has adopted the programme, and has trained Green Fins assessors who are qualified to recruit, train and conduct assessments of dive and snorkel operators in that country. These are:

Dive and snorkel centers operating in active Green Fins locations can become members by signing (and sending in) the membership form and pledging to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct. One of the Green Fins team will then be in touch to organize your first assessment.

如果我的国家没有 Green Fins,该怎么办?

不在活跃的 Green Fins 地区的潜水中心和浮潜中心仍然可以参与其中

  • 现在就开始减少您的环境影响,您可以访问 Green Fins 网站,点击 Download(下载),下载相关信息,该网站上的所有资料都可以完全免费下载和使用。 只需将它们打印出来,然后开始将这些信息传达给潜店经理,导游和客户。
  • 签署会员表格并将其发送至 [email protected] ,进行会员注册。 如果 Green Fins 在您所在的目的地处于活动状态,会有专人与您联系跟进后续。
  • 在社交媒体(Facebook,Twitter,Instagram)上关注 Green Fins,以获取有关可持续潜水的最新更新和新闻。
Where can I download free Green Fins posters and materials?

Visit the Downloads section of the Green Fins website where all materials are completely free to download and use. Just print them out and start promoting them to dive managers, guides and customers.

Are Green Fins posters and materials available in multiple languages?

Yes! Green Fins materials are available in a variety of languages, and we are working together to continually increase the languages and materials available. If you can't find a material you would like in your languages, please get in touch on [email protected] and we will do our best to help you. 

What is the Green Fins Dive Guide E-Course?

The Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course is the only course which teaches dive professionals how to prevent diving-related damage to coral reefs by following the highest environmental standards, as set out by the Green Fins initiative. Learn more here: