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作为一名认证潜水员,您将与有趣的动物深度互动,探索充满异国情调的目的地,与伙伴们分享水下的神奇故事。 潜水入门非常轻松。 在线报名,只需几天就能完成水中培训。


了解 PADI 认证等级

已经是获得认证的潜水员了? 祝贺! 一段激动人心的旅程就在前方。 无论您是想凭借 Advanced Open Water Diver 认证进入更多潜水地点、增强技能,或是希望学习水下摄影、摄像、鱼类识别等技能,我们都有适合您的课程。


将热爱变为工作! 作为 PADI Divemaster 或 Instructor,您可以一边环游世界,一边赚取费用,您也可以选择留在一个地方,成为当地的潜水专家。 无论您选择进入潜水店、度假村还是船宿潜水公司工作,您都会获得光明的发展前景,做着您喜欢的事情同时还能获得优渥的薪酬。











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无论您是想学习水肺潜水,还是已获得认证的水肺潜水员但希望继续获得培训,PADI 的数字水肺潜水课程都是您的最佳选择。 您可以使用电脑或移动设备,自行安排在线或离线学习。 准备 就绪后,开始安排水下训练。



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PADI 的使命就是打造十亿名火炬手,积极探索并保护我们的蔚蓝海洋。 身为一个深切关怀海面之上及海底世界复原的群体,PADI 火炬手们满怀热忱,纷纷为保护地球付诸行动,鼓舞其他人做出富有意义的改变。




了解 PADI 潜水员们鼓舞人心的故事、水肺潜水技巧等。

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How long does a PADI course take?

PADI certification courses are flexible and performance based. Knowledge development or eLearning can be completed at your own pace. PADI dive shops offer a variety of dive training schedules depending on how fast you progress. For new divers, the average time frame for Open Water Diver scuba certification is 3-5 days.

How much does a PADI course cost?

Interested in learning to dive or advancing your dive skills? The average cost to obtain your PADI certification will vary by dive course and location. Learn about your PADI dive certification options in this step-by-step breakdown:

All dive certifications require knowledge development and in-water training. After completing your PADI eLearning, you will begin your in-water training with your chosen Dive Shop. Please contact your Dive Shop directly for pricing as costs may vary by location. Notify your Dive Shop if you have already purchased your eLearning.

New Diver: You will want to begin with Open Water Diver. The knowledge portion of your dive training or eLearning costs around $230 USD. After you complete your eLearning, you will begin your in-water training with your chosen Dive Shop.

Continuing Education: After achieving your Open Water Diver certification, you can continue your dive journey with specialty courses to expand your underwater exploration skills and increase your bottom time, learn dive rescue and safety skills, ocean stewardship, underwater photography, or even how to become a dive equipment specialist. Pricing varies by course. Contact your chosen dive shop for in-water training costs. Learn more about continuing education courses.

Professional: Travel the world and get paid to do what you love or share your dive knowledge locally. As a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor, you’ll learn how to lead dives and help others with their dive education. Learn more about becoming a PADI Pro.

Is the PADI course hard?

Learning to dive is an exciting and challenging experience. With PADI eLearning you can read, watch videos, and take quizzes at your own pace to achieve the dive knowledge and fundamentals required to confidently advance to your in-water training. An experienced PADI Instructor will help you every step of the way during your training to become a safe and competent diver.

Do PADI licenses expire?

No, your scuba diving certification is for life! However, diving regularly is highly recommended to maintain your dive skills and knowledge. Try to avoid long periods without diving (6 months or longer). If you haven’t been scuba diving recently, you should take the PADI Reactivate Scuba Refresher.

PADI certification age?

10 years old is the minimum PADI certification age in most areas. Student divers younger than 15 earn the PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification, which can be upgraded to PADI Open Water Diver certification at age 15. Children under 13 require parent or guardian permission to register for PADI eLearning.

Operational status of PADI training?

​​The PADI app is a convenient way to access your dive certification details, log dives, find dive shops, eLearning courses, special offers, and more.