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Australia Diving

Every inch of the waters surrounding Australia's massive coastline is full of something to offer no matter what type of diving you are into. The Great Barrier Reef is home to over 3,000 reefs and is a must-see on any diver's bucket list. Adelaide is famous for its multitude of shipwrecks, South West Rocks is famous for its shark action and Exmouth is famous for Ningaloo reef, where whale shark and manta ray sightings are common. The wreck of the Yongala out of Townsville is a very worthy side trip and will awe shipwreck enthusiasts. With an abundance of options, you can pick your own adventure from any where in the country and combine it with a visit to some of the world's most amazing sights and people.

Bare Island 1

NSW, Australia

Bare Island
Hasting Reef Over Under

QLD, Australia

Hastings Reef
Blairgowrie Correct 1

VIC, Australia

Blairgowrie Pier
Rottnest Island School of Fish

WA, Australia

Rottnest Island
Rapid Bay Sea Dragon

SA, Australia

Rapid Bay Jetty
Shelly Beach Fish

NSW, Australia

Shelly Beach
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The global scuba diving community continues to confront the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to keep diving dreams alive for all our divers. Safety is our main priority, so we urge you to take recommendations from local authorities seriously and follow any guidelines in place. If you are in a location where diving is advisable, make sure to contact your local PADI Dive Shop to find out all the safety protocols they have put in place. You can also follow the personal hygiene tips put out by the WHO and consider additional safety procedures for scuba diving such as: