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United Kingdom Dive Sites

Whether you prefer to end your day with a cold beer or a toasty campfire and marshmallows, there’s always the opportunity to sit back and share the day’s experiences with your dive buddies in the UK – and plan your next adventure! Boat, shore and wreck diving are plentiful, with many surprising and delightful marine life encounters. From Scapa Flow, to Stoney Cove and on to Cornwall, each site and region has so much variety to offer, you'll want to dive them all.

Conger Eel
Conger Alley
Beadnell Beach
Porthkerris Beach
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Dive Safely

The global scuba diving community continues to confront the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to keep diving dreams alive for all our divers. Safety is our main priority, so we urge you to take recommendations from local authorities seriously and follow any guidelines in place. If you are in a location where diving is advisable, make sure to contact your local PADI Dive Shop to find out all the safety protocols they have put in place. You can also follow the personal hygiene tips put out by the WHO and consider additional safety procedures for scuba diving such as: