How To Participate in Adopt The Blue®



Join Us

With a goal of 10,000 sites to scale conservation impact, we need every single PADI Member to join together to adopt at least one site between now and 2025.  We cannot achieve our conservation goals without you. 

Step-By-Step Guide

Participants can apply in 5 minutes via the PADI AWARE app. Currently in English only

  1. Open or Download the PADI AWARE App

    PADI AWARE App Apple App Store
    PADI AWARE App Google Play Store

  2. Enter or create your My Ocean profile 
  3. Click the Adopt the Blue button on your profile page or in the menu
  4. Follow the prompts to apply
  5. Receive your badge and see your site on your profile
  6. Once you Adopt the Blue, you will also be able to select the site as a pre-populated drop down option for any citizen science surveys and be prompted to participate in a variety of conservation efforts at your site over time

If you do not have a My Ocean profile or have any questions, you can apply directly by getting in touch with AWARE staff at [email protected].





Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Adopt a Dive Site?

Adopt a Dive site was the foundation of success for Adopt The Blue. This is an expanded version of that program. For those that participated in Adopt a Dive Site, we thank you and welcome you into a new stage of the program. Of course, you can still participate in monthly Dive Against Debris at your Adopt the Blue Site! 

Can I have more than one Adopt the Blue Site?

Yes - there is no limit to the number of sites one dive center or PADI professional can adopt. However, please be aware that as part of the joining agreement, you may be called upon for conservation action at any time. If you do not think you can carry out these commitments at multiple sites, then please reconsider how many sites you adopt.

What site do I choose?

The choice is yours. We suggest a site that you visit regularly and hold dear - protect what you love!

Can I choose a site that is already adopted by another member?

Yes. We welcome multiple adoptions of the same site. 

What if I am a recreational diver? How do I get involved?

In the coming year, we will be rolling out conservation actions at Adopt The Blue sites that all divers can participate in. For now, we ask that you donate to the campaign to help support the PADI AWARE Foundation to drive impact.

How long does the application take?

3-5 minutes

When is the program available and for how long will it be active?

PADI, together with the PADI AWARE Foundation, will launch a global awareness campaign on World Ocean’s Day 2022 to start our road to 10,000 over the next 10 years. Like Dive Against Debris, this will be a evergreen program. 

Does it have to be a dive site or in the ocean?

No. The site does not have to be a dive site. For example, a mangrove in shallow water.  You can also adopt non-ocean sites as well as ones that you have to travel to.  However, you cannot adopt a land site.