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Mission and Impact

Our mission to ‘Drive local action for global ocean conservation’ is carried out through citizen science, public policy, and community grants. For over 30 years, PADI and AWARE have built a truly unique voice for the protection of the underwater world. Together, we have set ambitious ocean conservation targets through a shared Blueprint for Ocean Action that provides the framework to tackle key threats to the ocean and create ocean change in our dive communities around the world.

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Learn how PADI AWARE, Dive Centers, and Resorts around the globe team up to drive ocean conservation at the local level

 بفضل الدعم المقدم من المانحين والمجتمع المحلي والشركاء قمنا بالتالي:

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Annual Impact Reports & Financials

A registered nonprofit since 1992, AWARE is a respected and trusted leading organization for ocean protection. Every achievement is made possible by the generous support and direct actions of our supporters across the globe. Through mindful fiscal and operations practices, PADI AWARE ensures that every contribution achieves maximum impact for the ocean. 

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Timeline of Key Milestones & Achievements

Enabling endless opportunities for underwater discovery

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