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  • What’s In Your Logbook?

    What’s In Your Logbook?

    A diver’s logbook is the story of their underwater adventures. Here are some of the favorite ways we know of to document your scuba adventures, both digitally and on paper.   Paper logbook Save a piece of currency from the country. Clip off your marine park BCD tag or wristband […]

  • Fluorescence – A New Way to Night Dive

    Fluorescence – A New Way to Night Dive

    I’ll never forget my first night dive. I was a new diver with maybe twenty pages filled in my logbook. I was very wary of night diving and could not understand why everyone was so into it. A more-experienced diving friend, Karin, encouraged me to try a night adventure dive. […]

  • Scuba Diver Costumes

    Scuba Diver Costumes

    Show your scuba diver pride this Halloween, or at a costume party. Check out our fun / interesting / horrifying online finds below and visit our Pinterest board for DIY scuba diver costume ideas for kids and adults  Scuba and Ocean-Themed Costumes for Kids and Adults Disco Diver All heads […]

  • New Zealand – a unique experience for new divers

    New Zealand – a unique experience for new divers

    New Zealand, separated into the North and South Island, offers a huge variety of diving spots and is a great cold water destination for scuba divers. The expanding kelp forests, interesting wreck dives and marine diversity makes New Zealand an exciting location to learn to dive, or continue your diving […]

  • South Australia’s Alluring Coastline

    South Australia’s Alluring Coastline

    With a coastline characterised by step cliff faces, rocky platforms and great surfing beaches, you would be amiss not to sink your teeth into the diving on offer along the famous portion of coastline known as the Great Australian Bight. With Adelaide right around the corner this is the perfect […]