1 Day. 100 Countries. 1,000
Events. The world’s biggest
day in diving.

Thousands of divers come
together for the world’s largest
single day of diving.


On Saturday, 21 July, 2018 PADI Dive Shops hosted thousands of divers of all genders, ages and experience levels for a global celebration of shared adventure and passion for the ocean.

This year, dive centers across the globe hosted dive events designed to get more people actively diving and to create more stewards for the ocean. Thank you to everyone that made this year’s PADI Women’s Dive Day the largest and most celebratory to date!


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PADI women showed up around the globe and on your favorite social feeds.

Female participation has risen over the past few years in the scuba diving world and it has only been strengthened by PADI Women’s Dive Day. Many divers took the opportunity to give back by taking action for the environment and being a force for good in their local communities.


The divers over at Liquid Soul Dive joined forces to pull ghost nets — commercial fishing nets that have been abandoned at sea — out of the ocean on PADI Women’s Dive Day. By removing these nets, they reduce the risk of it plaguing reefs and entangling marine life. This collaborative effort has resulted in the removal of 147 derelict traps and 1,000 pounds of rope and line since 2017.


These Saudi Arabian PADI Women drove themselves — for the first time in their lives — to do a night dive in honor of PADI Women’s Dive Day. We congratulate them on this and for getting their PADI Night Dive Certification.


This course can be taken after completing the PADI Open Water Diver certification. It's titled PADI Advanced Open Water Diver because it advances your diving knowledge & skills.

The positive influence of these events extends beyond gender.

Since the inception of PADI Women's Dive Day in 2015, events around the globe have taken on conservation and community-minded causes at their core, giving divers the opportunity to take action, give back and be a force for good both above and below the surface.

Stuart Cove's — Bahamas

The Perry Institute for Marine Science collaborated with Stuart Cove’s to teach the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Specialty course. The course teaches about corals, the threats they face and what can be done to assist their recovery including the practice of coral nurseries. Divers participated in two dives learning how to maintain coral trees and how to plant their own coral with personalized tags so they can monitor them over the coming months.

Fifth Point Diving Center — United Kingdom

Fifth Point transformed the one-day celebration into a weeklong event filled with education programs like fundamentals of underwater photography and the Project AWARE® Dive Against Debris® Specialty course, as well as snorkeling and diving excursions. The week culminated with a Dive Against Debris on PADI Women’s Dive Day, where BBC joined in to film the group’s environmental efforts.

Blue Corner Dive - Bali

In support of the local community and in honor of the great accomplishments women have made in diving, Blue Corner Dive offered two free internships to local Indonesian women. The female-led mentorship program will take them from PADI Open Water Diver to Divemaster starting in August 2018.

見面會:Sylvia Earle

82歲,海底世界的女王,也是所有人的靈感來源。 西爾維亞被尊稱為“她的深度”,同時登上2017時代雜誌年度女性榜單。作為一位海洋保護宣導者,她致力於培養公眾對過度捕撈和污染造成的海洋生態系統危害的認識。她與Mission Blue(PADI合作夥伴)和Deep Hope合作,旨在向公眾宣傳海洋保護區的重要性和保護我們的藍色星球。同時她還擔任國家地理學會的學者和“探險家


見面會:Christina Zenato

PADI潛水大使 | PADI 課程總監 | 鯊語者 自1994年成為一名專業潛水員以來,克莉絲蒂娜通過她的探索、教育和保護工作,分享著她對海洋、鯊魚和洞穴的激情。同時她也是一位鯊魚大使,和野生鯊魚一同工作並因與鯊魚間的特殊關係而聞名。她的工作十分全球化,幫助改變了中國和新加坡等地人們對的鯊魚的看法。


Meet: Nouf Alosaimi

In 2009, Alosaimi traveled back to Sharm El Sheikh and completed her PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certifications, followed soon after by the PADI Rescue Diver course in 2010. One year later she completed her PADI Divemaster course in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She then decided to make scuba diving a full-time job and traveled back to Sharm El Sheikh, where she spent three years as an underwater photographer and diving guide working with tourists. She proudly became a PADI Instructor in 2013 and has been training other scuba diving enthusiasts since.

Being a female diver means the world to me. Becoming a diver in a conservative society, where all sports are only dominated by men, was a huge challenge for me. Many females reject this incredible sport because it involves men teaching them how to dive.

Nouf Alosaimi, First Female Dive Instructor in Saudi Arabia