PADI AmbassaDiver Manami Azuma in her wet suit.

Manami Azuma

"Conveying the joy, charm, and importance of underwater clean up."


Writer, speaker, activist, and Dive Instructor Manami Azuma is on a mission “to prove that underwater cleanup is fun and that one step from a hundred people is more effective than a hundred steps from one person.” It all started while scuba diving in Okinawa, Japan, and the rest was history. She fell in love with Okinawa’s beautiful underwater world, finding joy and purpose protecting it through education and city, beach, and underwater cleanups. But it was the unique charms of underwater cleanups that held the greatest appeal. She knew she wanted to do more, so she raised 3 million Japanese yen and opened the “” Dive Shop to continue her work advocating for our oceans and inspiring others to create ocean change.


Nara, Nara

Career Highlights

  • 2016: Employed at a cosmetics company as a beauty consultant
  • 2020: Relocated to Okinawa, and acquired Dive Against Debris SP, and conducted underwater cleanups on a regular basis
  • 2022: Became PADI Instructor and established “”, a diving store specializing in underwater cleanups

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