Join us as a founding partner and be part of a groundbreaking project to prevent shark extinction and establish healthy shark populations around the globe.

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Reef Shark
Your Partnership Support will ensure the following:
  • Development of the first-ever Global Shark Census, a groundbreaking project that will establish and maintain healthy shark populations.  
  • Development of shark protected areas around the globe
  • Aid in the recovery of most endangered species
  • Advance critical research on shark and ray population health
  • Protect coastal livelihoods and preserve indigenous culture 



With a 30-year track record of shark protection, PADI AWARE is among the most successful shark and ray conservation organizations in the world.

Divers have helped AWARE secure global protection measures for over 100 different species of sharks and rays at local, national, and global levels.



You Can Help Prevent Shark Extinction.

Be a founding partner of the PADI AWARE Global Shark Census.

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