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Three decades of ocean conservation



Local Action. Global Impact.℠

 Thanks to the support from our donors, community and partners, we have:

Helped secure international protection policies for over two-dozen vulnerable shark and ray species.

Contributed ground breaking science on marine debris, removing 2 million pieces of trash from the ocean.

Created the largest and quickest growing underwater citizen science movement on the planet.

Educated 1 million divers on the environmental threats facing the ocean and how to take action.



Torchbearer Background

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Join the community and stay connected with PADI AWARE Programs and opportunities to save the ocean.  



Conservation Issues & Programs

PADI AWARE programs address the key threats facing the marine environment, advance the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and engage the PADI Torchbearer Community.

Marine Debris

Program Goal: Reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries through partnerships and PADI AWARE's Community Grant Program. 

Mako Campaign
Shark & Ray Species Protection

Program Goal: Protect 20 vulnerable shark and ray species by deploying in-country conservation campaigns. 

Coming Soon
Climate Change

Program Goal: Achieve carbon neutrality across the PADI organization and fund seagrass and mangrove habitats to offset carbon. 

Coral Restoration
Coming Soon
Coral Reef

Program Goal: Restore 5% of coral reef habitats through citizen science programs and project funding.

Marine Protected Areas

Program Goal: Protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 through partnership collaboration and Adopt The Blue. 



PADI Mission Hub Programs

Are you a PADI Dive Center, Resort or Professional? Join our programs below. 

Adopt the Blue

Adopt your favorite dive site and help reach the goal of 10,000 adopted sites by 2023 to help protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.  

Giant Stride
100% AWARE Partnership

The 100% AWARE partnership program has been a vital lifeline for funding our key conservation work for over two decades. 

Consumer Membership
Community Grant Program

We provide resources to community-led efforts that sustainably manage the world’s marine ecosystems. 

Green Fins
Green Fins

Help reduce the global environmental footprint of your dive center and the dive industry, ensuring dive industry sustainability. 

AWARE Courses

All the PADI AWARE training resources that are available to use to rise up and continue to take action for a clean and healthy ocean.

Green Coral Reef
Revised Program Coming Soon
PADI Eco Center

The gold standard in dive operator environmental best practice. 







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