Rachel Moore and Josh Shankle known as Voyages of Agape with an incredible pose underwater near their boat

Voyages of Agape (Rachel Moore and Josh Shankle)

Writers and Ocean Voyagers


Rachel was born and raised by the sea and the ocean was her first love. At seven years old Rachel knew she wanted to become a diver and when she found her first job at fourteen, it was to save up for her Open Water certification. Rachel now been a PADI diver for over 15 years. She went on to take her Advanced, EFR, Rescue Diver, and Divemaster certifications and she has logged close to 2,000 dives. Rachel worked as a research diver for the National Park Service for four seasons on the Channel Islands and she was the youngest diver to ever receive the Blue Card certification. For the last five years, Rachel has been sailing around the world on her boat, Agape, with her own compressor onboard which allows her to dive some of the world's most remote destinations. Scuba diving is one of Rachel’s greatest passions and she has built her life around exploring and protecting our planet's oceans.

Josh was born with sand on his feet and salt on his skin. Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, the ocean has always been his playground. He worked as an ocean lifeguard, offshore welder, and a boat captain for an oil spill response company. After seeing firsthand how humanity has affected the ocean and beaches that he loves, he knew it was time for a change. He continually strives to live a more balanced and sustainable life. Josh is an avid surfer, sailor, freediver, scuba diver, and all-around waterman. He was first scuba certified in 2010 and is currently working on becoming a freediving instructor. For the last few years, he has found a new passion in writing and storytelling, documenting his journey for different sailing magazines and travel publications, including Sailing, Yachting World, Latitude 38, Yachting Monthly, and Mucky.osh Moore.

The name Agape roughly translates to an unconditional love that sees beyond the outer surface, accepting regardless of flaws, shortcomings, or faults. It’s the type of love everyone strives to have for their fellow human beings. Rachel and Josh chose this name as a reminder to live this kind of love every day, giving, while expecting nothing in return. The Voyages of Agape began over 12 years ago as a young couple’s dream of sailing around the world, a dream they hoped would be more than just a trip. As careers took off, they became disillusioned with their busy lives. Looking for an alternative lifestyle, they turned their far-fetched dream into a reality. In 2014, they bought their floating home and a ticket to a new and wonderful life. Agape is a 1984 Tayana 42. Tayana means, “belongs to big ocean”, and that’s just where they were headed. Departing from Ventura, California, they spent two years exploring the wild Pacific coastline from Mexico to Panama. They immersed themselves in the cultures, and fine-tuned their sailing skills and life in their new home along the way. In 2018, craving clear water and deserted beaches, the decision was made to head west. A little over three thousand nautical miles later, they entered the remote South Pacific. More than six years have passed since they set out on this grand adventure and it is only just the beginning. Rachel and Josh are currently sailing around the world.


Ventura, California
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"We hope to encourage and inspire others to get out and explore the beauty and wonder of our ocean."

Career Highlights

  • PADI Divemaster (2009)
  • National Park Service Research Diver
  • Logged close to 2,000 dives
  • Sailing around the world for five years

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