State of Global Market for Shark Products


Shark Products – What They Are and Their Journey

Explore what types of shark products are used, how demand has changed over time, and the way in which they move from origin to consumer.


The "State of the Global Market for Shark Products" report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2015 is a goldmine of information about the flow of trade in shark and ray products around the world. This interactive infographic brings to light the key findings of the report. It visualizes the complex, global and interdependent market for shark and ray meat and fins. We hope you’ll gain valuable insights into the complexity and be inspired to help protect sharks and rays from overfishing.

What are shark* products?

*The term "shark" is used in the broad sense of the FAO International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks and includes all species of sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras (Class Chondrichthyes).
Shark fins are globally traded for use in shark fin soup.
Generally, larger fins are more valuable than small ones, but all sizes enter trade.
Other products traded include shark and skate liver oil, shark and ray leather, and mobula ray gill rakers.
Small coastal sharks are more often taken primarily for their meat. The world’s fastest shark—the mako—is prized for both meat and fins.
Demand for Shark fins

The annual volume for fin imports decreased from 17,682 tonnes (t) in 2000 to 16,815 t in 2011.

Demand for Shark Meat

In 2011, the annual volume for shark (including skate and ray) meat imports was 121,641 t compared to 85,710 t in 2000.

A complex supply chain

produced (separated from carcass)
The country of production can either consume domestically or export
to a regional trader.
regional trader
The regional trader can then re-export or consume domestically.
center (processed again)
The processing center can then re-export or consume domestically.
consuming country
Consuming country — the final location where the product is consumed.
Often, it’s imported and exported much more than three times.

Shark products are often imported and exported more than three times.