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There's never been a better time to make the changes needed to strengthen and grow your business.





  • More customers – PADI® is the only diver training agency supporting industry recovery and growth. We’re committing extensive resources and investment to connect divers directly with our PADI Dive Centers and Resorts now. As a PADI Member, you’ll reap the benefits.
  • Greater consumer trust – No other diver training agency has the immense brand recognition and consumer demand. PADI is more than a training agency – we’re a symbol of responsible adventure, recognized and respected as the authority in diving by consumers globally. As a PADI Member, you’ll offer the world’s most sought-after diver education materials, requested by three out of four customers.
  • Better support – PADI offers the highest levels of specialized member support. Hundreds of staff members around the world and dedicated regional teams are focused on your success. Your PADI Membership will include a wealth of business, training and marketing support to help your business grow.
  • Deeper purpose – PADI’s mission-driven ethos is leading the way toward a healthier ocean. We’re activating millions of divers to explore and protect the ocean. As a PADI Member, you’ll carry the torch in your community and will be recognized for your leadership role in protecting our water planet.



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Why now?


By joining the PADI Family, you’ll receive unparalleled business support and advantages that are essential during these times, all aimed at:

  • Generating business for you now – Advertising campaigns, ongoing engagement with PADI’s 4.6 million social media followers, extensive consumer media outreach and press coverage, and (with its 1 million monthly visitors) are driving new customers to PADI Members immediately.
  • Earning you revenue now – PADI pays participating dive shops hundreds of dollars (US) annually in PADI eLearning revenue share.
  • Providing tools to build your success now – 450+ business support webinars are available to you and your team. 50+ new digital products have been developed, with more on the way. PADI Adventures™ app helps drive immediate bookings. And our Scuba Diving Status Map informs customers you’re ready for them.
  • Making it easier than ever for you to join PADI now – We offer personalized support to meet your unique needs and goals, including special assistance to crossover any non-PADI Pros.





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Contact your local PADI Regional Headquarters to learn more and discuss how joining the PADI Family will benefit you and your team.

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