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Why now?


PADI is the only diver training agency driving industry recovery. By joining the PADI Family, you’ll receive unmatched support and advantages that are essential during these times, all aimed at:

  • Generating business and employment opportunities for you. Advertising campaigns, ongoing engagement with PADI’s 4.6 million social media followers, extensive consumer media outreach and press coverage, and (with its 1 million monthly visitors) are driving new customers to PADI Members immediately. This marketing horsepower is effectively working to build consumer demand for PADI-branded diving and training, which translates into  employment and work for PADI Professionals
  • Delivering new essential PADI Member training tools and products adapted for today. 450+ business support webinars are available to you. 50+ new digital products have been developed, with more on the way.



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Contact your local PADI Regional Headquarters to learn more and discuss how joining the PADI Family will benefit you.

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