Mariam Al Saif

"To create a safe, all-inclusive community for divers to travel and dive together."


Growing up by Kuwait's shores, Mariam inherited a deep-rooted connection to the sea from her pearl diving ancestors. Her lifelong passion for the ocean and its conservation grew in her 20’s through scuba diving and solo traveling, leaving her wanting to make lasting connections in the diving world. This gap led Mariam to found MER, a community uniting divers through meaningful travels and shared underwater adventures. Through MER, Mariam continues to honor her heritage while creating a path of her own – paving the way for future Middle Eastern women in the dive industry. She advocates for sharks and promotes diving with them in their natural habitat to appreciate their beauty, their significance to our oceans, and the need to protect them. When asked, “Why do you like diving so much?” she said, “The interactions. The serenity. The freedom. The silence. The beauty. The adventure.”


Kuwait City,

Career Highlights

  • Named one of the Middle East's most influential women in Marie Claire Arabia
  • Interviewed for, bringing awareness to Kuwait with the goal in empowering Arab women
  • Garmin Kuwait ambassador

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