On this colorful island, British sensibility clashes with West Indian passion in a very fashionable way. Situated about 160 kilometres/100 miles due east of St. Vincent and outside the main arc of the Windward Islands, unique Barbados has snared – literally and figuratively – wayward ships for centuries. With a portfolio of about 200 wrecks, it’s no wonder that Barbados is a dive destination that captures the interest of divers looking for something different. Topside, Barbados is civilized and well-structured, but maintains the relaxed Caribbean vibe. Beyond diving, there’s a lot to do, including touring the Mount Gay Rum Distillery.

    Great Dives

    • SS Stavronikita – The most famous wreck on the island, this purposely-sunk Greek freighter, now part of the Folkestone Underwater Park, hosts a rainbow of huge tube and rope sponges. The Stavronikita lies in 36 metres/120ft of water with the stern at 30 metres/100ft and the bow at 21 metres/70ft.
    • Carlisle Bay Marine Park – This shallow, calm bay is home to a cluster of numerous wrecks. You’ll see the Berwyn (a World War I French tug boat that went down in 1919), the Eilon (sunk in 1996), Ce-Trek (a cement boat sunk in 1986), the Bajan Queen (party boat sunk in 2002) and the Cornwallis (a freighter sunk during World War II and relocated to the marine park).
    • Pamir Another purpose-sunk wreck, the 50-metre/165-foot Pamir has wide openings for divers to peer into and sits in around 18 metres/60 feet of water. Sitting upright in a sheltered spot, this wreck provides fish, fauna, and fun in one experience. This is a good dive for beginners and a good warm up dive for the Stavronikita.
    • Barracuda Junction – This site usually delivers on its name and you can expect to see barracudas prowling the reef which has an array of colorful corals and sponges and is usually teeming with reef fish.
    • Maycocks Bay – This reef runs perpendicular to shore in large fingers that are separated by wide alleys of white sand. See lots of reef fish and outstanding coral and barrel sponge formations.
    • Cement Factory Pier – Explore the underwater remnants and structure of this old pier that are now home to a variety of marine life. Explore while surrounded by huge schools of fish and find lobsters and other critters hiding in holes.

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    Dive Summary:

    Visibility – Visibility ranges from 15-30 metres/50-100 feet.

    Water Temperature – Water temperature changes from an average of 25°C/78°F in winter to 28°C/84°F in summer.

    Weather – With 3000 hours of annual sunshine and consistent northeast trade winds, the air temperature is a pleasant 23-29°C/75-85°F year-round. Nearly every day is a good diving day in Barbados. June through October is hurricane season in the Caribbean.

    Featured Creatures – On the reefs and wrecks, look for brilliantly colored parrotfish, reef squid, Bermuda chub, grouper and tube sponges. Also keep watch for barracuda, stingray, moral eels and nurse sharks.

    Recommended Training – The PADI Wreck Diver course is an obvious choice for diving in Barbados. AWARE – Fish Identification and Digital Underwater Photographer courses will also help you identify and capture images of the marine life.

    Travel Info:

    Note - Travel to any destination may be adversely affected by conditions including (but not limited) to security, entry and exit requirements, health conditions, local laws and culture, natural disasters and climate. Regardless of your destination, check your local travel advisory board or department for travel advice about that location when planning your trip and again shortly before you leave.

    Language – English is the national language, but the locals use a Bajan dialect.

    Currency – Barbados Dollar. US dollar is widely accepted.

    Major Airports – Flights arrive into Grantley Adams International Airport from the USA, Canada, Europe, Brazil and other Caribbean islands daily

    Electricity and Internet – Electricity is 115 volts, 50 Hz. Internet is widely available.

    Topside Attractions – Explore Harrison’s Cave. Hike the old Bridgetown train tracks. Don’t miss the Mount Gay Rum Distillery for some free samples.

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