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Make a difference for yourself and others by learning and applying tips to save the ocean. The PADI AWARE Specialty course equips you with tangible actions and opportunities to bring about positive ocean change.

Supported by PADI eLearning®, this course dismantles the barriers between diving and conservation, making responsible marine conservation accessible to all.

A portion of the proceeds from every PADI AWARE Foundation™ course funds AWARE’s critical conservation work to remove marine debris, secure protection for sharks & rays, expand marine protected areas, and support local grantees.

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How to Earn Your PADI AWARE Specialty Certification

During the self-study eLearning portion of this course, you’ll learn the 10 Tips to Save the Ocean and how to make a positive impact for the underwater world. Next, turn your passion into purpose by completing the 10 Tips Workshops with a highly trained PADI Professional. You can go to your local dive center and complete the workshops there, or opt for a fully virtual experience via two-way video online learning with participating dive centers/PADI Pros to complete your PADI AWARE Specialty Certification.

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You can now purchase PADI eLearning® and share it with the scuba diving gift recipient of your choice – it’s super easy. Share the fun in 3 simple steps:

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Vuoi condividere l'esperienza o regalare avventure senza fine? Ora puoi acquistare PADI eLearning® e condividerlo con chi vuoi tu! Che tu voglia regalare il corso o assegnarlo ai tuoi familiari, è semplicissimo.

  1. Una volta acquistato il corso eLearning, puoi entrare nel tuo account PADI per accedere al corso.
  2. Dal pannello di controllo dei tuoi corsi eLearning, vai alla sezione Dettagli dello studente e poi a Gestisci i tuoi corsi.
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  5. Il destinatario riceverà un'e-mail per creare un profilo PADI, oppure per accedere a quello esistente, e cominciare il corso.
Prerequisiti ed età minima

Any age, any diving experience level (including none), and any person anywhere, can take this course, you only need a passion for saving the ocean and protecting the underwater world. You can even get credit from the convenience of home via two-way video conference learning!

Scegliere un centro di subacquea

There are two parts to this certification: knowledge development and take action workshops. You can complete both parts locally, while traveling, and even remotely via two-way video communication, or split between the three methods.

Consider choosing a PADI Eco-Center for your learning experience, or a dive center that practices environmental stewardship and takes conservation action.

Choose a dive shop close to home to:

  • Support your local diving community
  • Meet other divers in your area
  • Learn about your local ecosystem
  • Protect the underwater world

Choose a dive shop away from home if you:

  • Plan to travel to a dive destination on holiday
  • Like to meet new people when traveling
  • Have the time to complete your course while on vacation
  • Want to add conservation value to your vacation

Choose a virtual experience if you:

  • Want to make a difference from the convenience of your home
  • Like the flexibility of learning at home
  • Don’t have the time to complete your course while on vacation

TIP: Complete the PADI AWARE Specialty eLearning before travel to minimize the amount of time spent studying on vacation.

Impegno temporale

PADI eLearning: 1-2 hours

Entire course: 1-2 days

Lingue disponibili
English, Espanol, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Русский язык, 中文繁体, 中文简体
Requisiti di sistema

PADI's online courses are designed to work on the browsers listed below. For the best experience, make sure your browser is up-to-date.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox

If you plan to be somewhere without internet access, use the PADI Training app to download course content and study offline. Content can be downloaded in small sections with a total file size of approximately 1.10 GB. When you get back online, upload your progress so you can resume your training right where you left off.

The PADI Training app is available for Android™ and Apple® iOS devices. For the ideal experience, devices should be no more than three models old and running with the most current OS (operating system).

Dopo questo corso

The PADI AWARE Specialty course may count toward the elite Master Scuba Diver™ rating – ask your instructor about earning credit.

You will have the tools to protect the underwater world and inspire others to take action.

Consider taking the plunge, and become a PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Freediver or PADI Mermaid at a PADI dive shop near you.

For certified divers, check out other PADI AWARE Specialty courses – Coral Reef Conservation, AWARE Shark & Ray Conservation Course, and the Dive Against Debris® Specialty.

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