Using the PADI Dive Shop Locator FAQ

Where does the world cities/locations information come from?

The city data used in PADI's Dive Center and Resort database is based on Populated Place from the following resources:

  • Google Locations
How do I know what courses, trips and services a PADI Dive Center or Resort offers?

By clicking on the “more information” button, you’ll see what the dive center or resort offers. If you need more information, please contact the dive operation by phone, email or by visiting to find out more.

There is little or no information in the 'courses offered' area for a PADI Dive Center or Resort. Why is this?

The information contained within the 'courses offered' section appears based on recent certification activity by the PADI Dive Center or Resort. If there has been no recent activity, there will be little information. However, the PADI Dive Center or Resort may offer additional courses to those listed.

The distance displayed seems inaccurate. What causes this?

The distance shown is an approximate straight line – point-to-point distance, not driving distance. The approximate distance shown is calculated from the city's latitude/longitude and the PADI Dive Center or Resort's latitude/longitude.

What area of the city is the distance calculated from on the results page of the City Search?

The point in a city from where the distance is calculated may vary from country to country. Some countries use the city hall, city court, town hall or post office as a reference point. Others may use the geographic center.

When using Search, I’m given names of dive shops and location options. What are the search results options based upon?

The dive shop locator uses IntelliSense to help you find what you’re looking for faster. As you type, IntelliSense searches for matching destinations (which appear at the top of the search results list) or dive center names (which appear below destinations). Up to five dive shops and five destinations will be displayed. You can click on any of these matches at any time or click on “submit” for a complete list.

I’m not sure where to go diving, can PADI recommend a destination?

Check out the Featured Destinations section of to find inspiration for your next dive trip. Then contact the PADI dive shops in the area to find out what diving options are available. You can also connect with local divers on ScubaEarth®.