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Why is it important?

The dive industry can be crudely split up into 4 markets; seasonal markets and all year-round markets, domestic markets and tourism markets. This is identifiable by looking at a German dive store in Munich compared to a resort store on the Mediterranean coast. The German store would primarily focus on a German speaking domestic market, diving in-land sites and organising trips. The coastal dive resort would most likely concentrate on in-bound tourism and be effected by seasonal variance. Despite the difference in business models and how both centers will operate on a daily basis, both centers will fundamentally need to address the same dive store management topics to succeed:
Stock and inventory
Online sales
Managing the business on the move


Customer Relationship Management

Keeping in contact with your customers can be time consuming and tiresome, especially if you’ve just had to refill the cylinders, put away the equipment or organise tomorrow’s logistics. Dedicating time to sit down and send personal emails to each of your customers at the end of the day is a daunting prospect. Fortunately, with a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), tasks like this and many others are streamlined, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your business.



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Where can your dive business benefit from a CRM System?

Email automation

Email automation for your acquisition marketing. A potential new customer enters your store, makes an enquiry and leaves you their email address. Yes, you could personally follow up at regular intervals over the next month hoping to hear back from them. How likely is it that this will happen though? Generally you may send one email, but if you receive no interest, you’ll most likely lose the lead as other priorities take over. With email automation, you can systematically target this potential lead with a series of follow up emails without ever having to press enter.

Email marketing to existing divers. Use targeted emails for specific groups of divers within your database. A CRM system integrated with PADI will allow you to define your audience based upon their current PADI certification level. For example, in 4 weeks’ time you are going to conduct the PADI Wreck Specialty course. You could rely on word of mouth and chase up your customers personally, but it would be much more efficient to group together all of your Advanced Open Water divers who haven’t completed the specialty. The email automation would then send this highly targeted audience emails over the next 4 weeks.

Thank you and congratulation emails. Your customers should feel valued at every possible chance. If they’ve completed a dive with you, they should be thanked, asked to leave a review and be reminded to come back soon. Likewise, if you have students that have just finished a course, fire off an automated congratulatory email and let them know about the next step on the PADI flowchart.

This is a snapshot of some of the areas you will need to focus on. The key message here is that store growth is driven by repeat sales, courses and trips. To accomplish this we need to be able to send targeted, timely, measurable, trackable, appealing and strategically relevant communications to your customers. Your dive business can achieve this by using EVE, the Electronic Virtual Employee.

EVE Website

What is EVE?

The only PADI endorsed dive center management system in the world, working in the background 24/7.

“EVE is the only system in the world that offers a single management tool for your website, online shop and in-store activities.” Peter Kafrouni, Dive and Dive

Put simply, EVE can do as little or as much as you need it to. If you need an integrated CRM system to handle your email strategy, then EVE can do it. If you want EVE to manage all aspects of your business, it can do that to with the flip of a switch.

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An out of the box solution to your website. Is this scenario familiar? You have contacted a website developer who has quoted 4,000 euros to build a website, host it and send you monthly analytics. However, you don’t want to spend that much, so find a website developer who will do it in exchange for a couple of PADI courses and some free dives. At first this seems like a fair trade off, but months down the line the relationship has broken down and the developer is not answering his phone. The website isn’t exactly what you expected, you have a poor result on Google and conversions are low. You’re now faced with having to either rebuild from scratch or persist with a poorly optimized website. Unfortunately, this scenario is seen all too often in the dive industry.

EVE can provide a website fully optimized to sell diving. Why? The system is built by divers for divers. You don’t need to explain to a developer the difference between the Master Scuba Diver rating and the Divemaster course. An EVE website comes pre-loaded with 75 pages of PADI content. Furthermore, this out of the box solution has a direct link to your store’s eLearning page, will include PADI videos and integrate with your social media channels.

The EVE Content Management System (CMS) gives you full control of your website, removing the need to relay questions and requests to website developer. The CMS allows you to edit and add pages as you wish and pull analytics to see how each page performs.

Website - Online Shop

Online Store

The shop never closes

As discussed on the Digital Marketing page, the majority of customer journeys will begin online. The digital shop window is on display 24/7 and customers should be able to purchase from you at a time that suits them – potentially at 8pm on a Wednesday night, lying on the sofa browsing on their smartphone. An online store is an essential tool to success and needs to be managed correctly.

EVE Online can take care of this on your behalf. From courses to equipment to trips, the online store will be automatically updated whenever a purchase is made. The store can feature best sellers, show related products to increase upselling and bundle packages together to offer competitive prices to the customer.

If using EVE to manage your dive store, the physical sales in store will be automatically updated online. As you check out an item from your store, for example, a pair of Aqualung fins, the amount of available pairs of fins displayed online is updated. This is the same for spaces on courses and trips.

EVE Mobile App

Dive Store Management on your smartphone

Courses. Schedules. PIC processing

In the fast paced environment of modern day consumerism, having access to your courses, schedules, inventory, PIC processing, certifications and messages is hugely important. Instant booking of customers can make the difference between a sale and an empty seat on the next boat trip.

Using the EVE PRO APP can give you all this information in real time at the touch of the button without needing to head back to the shop to look for the answer or call the receptionist to confirm.

Consider this scenario; you have just certified 4 Open Water Diver students. Instead of waiting to get back to the dive shop to complete their PIC and fire off an auto email congratulating them, you can process this whilst they’re showering after the dive. This frees up your time to focus on the customer and upsell to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. Your course schedule is at your fingertips and booking is instant with the app.

Key Takeaways

Implementing a dive store management system will streamline your operation and increase output, leaving you more time to focus on your customer, courses and other areas of the business. Utilising a CRM System, such as EVE, is proven to increase PADI certifications year on year for PADI dive stores.