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Our Mission

Create one billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean. 


The Role of the PADI Torchbearer

A PADI Torchbearer cares deeply about taking action to heal the planet, shining a
light on what’s possible, and leading communities towards a sustainable future.
They believe there is a better and more responsible way for humanity to live in
balance with nature.



Torchbearer 5 Hero

The Torchbearer 5

The Torchbearer 5 will guide our actions now and in the time to come, ensuring our individual contributions play into a wider movement that will ultimately turn the dial toward a healthy future for people and planet.

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Community Goal 1

Stand Up for the Ocean 

We will speak up and use our voices to drive positive change. We will lend our support to environmental campaigns, sign petitions, attend key events, write to our representatives and engage in conversation with our local communities. As the world moves forward, we will continue to be the ever-louder voice of the ocean.

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Community Goal 2

Assume Responsibility  

We will take direct responsibility for ocean health and act as stewards for the places we love, both above and below the surface. We are driven by the common understanding that all life on Earth is connected and that our actions have a direct impact on the natural world. We will serve as role models in our communities and amplify the movement for the betterment of people and planet.

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Community Goal 3

Dive with a Purpose 

We recognize that every dive is an opportunity to collect vital data that can be used to create future protection measures for the ocean.  We will participate in conservation programs and contribute to citizen science through activities that preserve underwater habitats and biodiversity vital to human and planetary health, helping the local communities where we dive.  

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Community Goal 4

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We will restore balance by reducing our own carbon emissions at work and at home. We will help the ocean and coastal communities manage the effects of human-induced climate change by working with key partners to recover and protect seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and salt marshes. 

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Community Goal 5

Make Sustainable Choices 

We will reject single-use plastic, support genuine eco travel and voluntourism, make sustainable food choices, dive with eco-friendly operators when possible, and support businesses that are taking an innovative approach to sustainability. Our example will influence those around us, paving the way for systemic change.


We all have an essential role to play in the movement to save the ocean.
Be part of the solution by joining forces with the global network of ocean advocates taking action above
and below the surface for a healthier people and planet.