Technical Diving

Michel Labrecque

PADI Master Instructor / TecRec Instructor / Underwater Photojournalist


An accomplished PADI Master Instructor and TecRec Technical Instructor, Michel Labrecque has lived the dive life. A former owner of a PADI 5-Star IDC center, he now spends his days as a full-time underwater adventurer focused on photojournalism. Labrecque's images have been published in dive magazines and media outlets around the world, and he’s been a guest speaker at major dive conferences. Even with all these accolades, he credits exploring remote places of the world and conservation as his two true passions. A good example is that France announced the creation a Marine Protected Area (MPA) around Clipperton atoll, just 6 months after the scientific mission he led to this atoll, which is considered as the most isolated in the world. “My mission is to educate people on ocean and environmental issues to divers and nondivers alike,” Labrecque says.


Victoriaville, Quebec

Career Highlights

  • Awarded the title of Fellow of the Explorers Club
  • Carried the Explorers Club Flag for the Clipperton Expedition
  • Inducted as an Associate member of the oldest dive club in the USA, the Boston Sea Rovers
  • Certified more than 1,000 students for scuba diving courses
  • In 2012, awarded DAN Top Performer Canada
  • In 2010 and 2011, responsible for nomination as a PADI Diver Acquisition Award and PADI Diver Retention Award

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