Mandy Sumner

World Champion Freediver / PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer


Growing up a water baby on the coast of southern Maine, Mandy Sumner learned to swim before she could even walk. “I think my love for the water was engrained in me before I was even born,” she says. She started competing on the swim team at the age of five and continued throughout grade school, high school and beyond.

Sumner began freediving in March 2014 in Hawaii and fell in love with the sport immediately. She began taking courses to learn as much as she could. A competitor by nature, she entered her first international competition within two months of her first freedive.

Over the past two years, Sumner has traveled the world to compete. In 2015, she became the first world champion and gold medal winner, man or woman, in United States history. “It’s been an incredible journey learning new things every day, meeting amazing people all over the world and promoting safe and happy freediving to freedivers young and old, beginners to elite,” she says.

With a Bachelor’s degree in geology and Master’s degree in geographic information systems, Sumner was a geologist/GIS analyst for 15 years until she set her career aside for her passion of freediving. Now a PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer, she is excited to work with PADI teaching freediving all over the world.

Her mission: to share her passion for the beauty, love, safety and respect of freediving and our oceans.


North Berwick, Maine
United States

Career Highlights

  • Gold medalist at AIDA Individual Depth World Championships in CNF (no fins), Limassol, Cyprus (2015)
  • Nirvana Oceanquest Depth Freediving Competition, first place with three gold medals (FIM, CNF, CWT), San Andres, Colombia (2016)
  • Kikaha Pool Competition, first place top female (STA, DYN), Kona, Hawaii (2016)
  • Triple Depth Freediving Competition, first place with three gold medals (FIM, CNF, CWT), Dahab, Egypt (2015)
  • Summer Apnea Depth Games, two silver medals (CNF, CWT), Kalamata, Greece (2015)
  • Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition, silver medal in CNF (no fins), Roatan, Honduras (2015)
  • Fourth overall as USA women’s team and placed second highest individual score in the United States among men and women (CWT, STA, DYN), AIDA Team World Championships, Sardinia, Italy (2014)
  • 2014 U.S. National Champion and Freedive Paradise Pool and Depth Competition, top female with three gold medals (CWT, STA, DYN), Kona, Hawaii (2014)
  • United States nationally-recognized professional freediver since beginning freediving in 2014

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