Scuba Diving

Gary Green

Afghanistan War Veteran / PADI Advanced Open Water Diver


At the age of 18, Gary Green joined the British Army as a Rifleman. During a tour in the Afghanistan War in August 2009, Green was injured by two concealed roadside bombs that exploded, leaving him blind in his right eye. Since being medically discharged from the army, he has written his own book cataloguing his destructive life before, during and after war – from firefights on the front line to drug-fueled self-destruction. After turning his life around, he became involved with a charity called Deptherapy, which helped him to find peace in the ocean through scuba diving. Green is now exploring a love of writing and a career in logistics management, and it was scuba diving that helped him find the balance in a world he never knew existed. He now strives to introduce as many people as he can to the natural peace of the ocean, to help free their mind and spirit.


Banbury, England
United Kingdom

Career Highlights

  • Best Recruit Rifles Decision (Catterick, 2008)
  • Tour of Afghanistan, 9 June – 21 August 2009 (Op Herrick 10)
  • Published poem (2014)
  • Completed a tandem sky dive (2014)
  • Ran the London Marathon for Tickets for Troops (2015)
  • Nominated for the 2016 “Sun Military Awards” for his work as an ambassador for the veterans’ charity Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education
  • Completed his book, Bombs For Breakfast (2016)

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