Forrest Simon

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer


A South Florida native, Forrest Simon grew up a third generation ocean man. Utilizing freediving for underwater photography, recreation and exploration, Forrest has spent decades as a student of Mother Nature. In 2002, he began his journey of freediving safety advocacy and continues to promote freediving safety through freedive training courses, public speaking and freedive events. His goal is simple, "Let's spread the Freedive Gospel!"

“This amazing path set me on a quest to learn as much as possible, taking as many freedive courses as I could, leaving no stone unturned,” Forrest says. “I was thirsty to constantly improve and gain as much knowledge and skill as possible.”

In 2015, Forrest realized a childhood dream. In his first competitive freediving competition, Forrest surpassed 60 metres/200 feet while using traditional freediving gear: mask, snorkel and bi-fins. In 2016, Forrest achieved the depth of 78 meters/257 feet using traditional bi-fins, making him one of the deepest American bi-fin freedivers ever. Forrest attributes this to utilizing techniques learned in the classroom, in the water and from countless incredible freedivers, world-class athletes and freediving instructors.

“Freediving is more than just swimming up and down a line while holding your breath,” says Forrest. “It’s about the experience and journey we embark on when we take photos, explore, or simply just enjoy being underwater, breathless, disconnected from the air-filled world above.”


Miami, Florida
United States

Career Highlights

  • Named to USA Freediving Team for Pool Freediving World Championships (2016)
  • PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer (2017)
  • Reached depths of 250-plus feet as a freediver, and can hold breath for more than seven minutes 30 seconds

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