Edina Müller
Scuba Diving

Edina Müller

PADI Rescue Diver/PADI Basic Freediver


On top of the water, Edina Müller is one of the fastest Paralympic paddlers in the world. The fascination for her to go underwater came from a desire to participate in a sporting activity without any expectation for “higher, faster, farther.” She wanted an activity to function as a counterpart to her daily competitive sport routine.

Working as a sports therapist, Müller is helping people who have experienced spinal cord injuries get back into active, self-determined lives. Inspired by her own love for the ocean, she started a program to give her patients the opportunity to try diving for the first time, feeling weightless again and experiencing the freedom to move in this unique environment.

Traveling the world, she strives to make this program available to everybody because, as she says, “Water is barrier free.” Besides passing on her experiences to people with disabilities, she is an advocate for diving in a natural and sustainable way to preserve the ecosystem and her favorite gentle giants, manta rays, for future generations.



Career Highlights

  • Three-time Paralympian with one gold and two silver medals
  • Paralympic and World Record Holder K1 200m sprint Kl1
  • Sportswoman of the year in Cologne and Hamburg, Germany
  • Sports therapist diving with patients with disabilities

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