Scuba Diving

Chris Middleton

PADI Divemaster / Veteran


An injured soldier who lost his legs in Afghanistan, Chris Middleton fell in love with diving and “defiantly has the bug.” He first experienced diving through the charity Deptherapy, and now currently works with the organization to get more people with injuries into the world of diving.

“My biggest achievement to date has to be passing my PADI Rescue and Divemaster courses,” Chris says. “So, now as a PADI Divemaster I am taking to my new role and really enjoying this new challenge.” Middleton hopes that as a PADI Divemaster he will be able to share his passion and help others with serious injuries find rehabilitation through diving.


Newcastle, England
United Kingdom

Career Highlights

  • Overcame significant challenges to become a PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Divemaster

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