Carlos Coste

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer / World-Record Freediver


A legendary freediver, 12-time world record holder and AIDA World Champion, Carlos Coste began his freediver training in 1996 and achieved his first national record in 1998. Carlos became the first person to go beyond 100 metres depth by holding his breath in Free Immersion (101 metres, 2003) and Constant Weight (102 metres, 2004). He has broken several other freediving world records including Constant Weight (90 metres, October 2002; 102 metres, June 2004; 105 metres, 2005), Variable Weight (135 metres, October 2004; 140 metres, May 2006), and Free Immersion (93 metres, October 2002; 101 metres, October 2003). In September 2005, he became the AIDA Individual World Champion for Constant Weight.

In 2006, while training for an attempt to break another world record (reaching the 200-metre mark), Carlos suffered a stroke after reaching 182 metres. The accident caused brain damage, resulting in a partial dysfunction on the left side of his body. After nearly a year away from the sea, his determination helped him manage to control nearly 100 percent of his body. His dedication and mental strength helped him retake his life, and his will returned him what is most dear: competitive freediving.

Despite the accident, Carlos Coste has managed to stay among the top freedivers in the world. In 2009, he broke new continental records, both in dynamic and depth freediving. In 2011, he placed second in the world championships in Greece in Constant Weight, establishing a new Pan-American record (116 metres), one metre from the eventual world champion.

Carlos can be best defined as a passionate sportsman, a man who constantly sets new barriers to surpass and challenges to take. He has made his life’s work to let people get to know the sport not only through his amazing records but also through instructions and workshops.


Caracas, Distrito Federal

Career Highlights

  • First Place, AIDA Team World Cup (2002)
  • First person to go beyond 100 metres depth by holding his breath in Free Immersion (101 metres, 2003) and Constant Weight (102 metres, 2004)
  • First Place, AIDA Individual World Champion (2005)
  • 12-time world record holder
  • Bronze medal, AIDA World Championship (2007)
  • Several Continental and Pan-American records
  • Longest distance swam in an underwater cave on one breath, Guinness World Record (2010)
  • Silver Medal, AIDA World Championship (2011)
  • Superhumanos: Hombre Pez (History Channel, 2012)
  • Longest distance freediving in the ocean on one breath, Guinness World Record (2016)

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